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The Final Fantasy 8, Gunblade mystery solved.


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FF8 Gunblade mystery solved

Long has the FF8 fan community argued over what the trigger on Squal's and Seifer's Gunblades does, i think i may have stumbled upon the right/true answer! 


About the above image: 28 1/2" overall. 22 5/8" unsharpened blade. Brown wood handle with antique brass finish knuckle guard. Pistol is attached to side of aword and has an antique brass finish.


Now, that doesnt solve the mysery does it?

Now look at the below image...



This has been mentioned before, the little barrel up the side has continuesly dissmissed by people as "Decoration, it could't work." but now there is proof that it is possible and is in the right place aswell.
To me that seems pretty good proof that is what the trigger does, as the Gunblade cuts it fires of a bullet from the barrel into the targets body, therefor causing much more damage.

Incase anyone is curious about the other arguments, i will give a few here :)
One was (and the one i beleived before i was proved wrong by this find.) was that when the trigger was puled no actual bullet was fires but that the Recoil from firing was used to make the blow a lot stronger.
Another was that the blade would be heated incredibly by the black powder, therefor causing more damage, i never really believed this one as i cant really see it heating the blade.
If i remeber anymore i will add them :)