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Belgian Cutlass pistol similar to an Elgin, 12 bore, 5 1/2" brl, 12" blade marked"A", rare original gun.

It took a while but from the above picture and info i managed to scrounge up some stuff.
The name of these old Gunblades from what i can make out, is the: Elgin Cutlass Pistol, personaly i like Gunblade better but from what iv found that seems to be their name. 
""The Elgin posesses many desirable collector features. It was the only combination gun (knife and pistol) ever issued to any of the US military services. It was the first percussion handgun officially used by the US and it possesses a superb historical association as being specifically made to outfit the famed Wilkes-South Sea Expedition, having known use on one of the exotic islands of the South Pacific.
.44 caliber     Made in USA.""
That clip of info is from... about just past half-way down the page.
And even more info on another Gunblade from
""Rare Elgin Cutlass Single Shot Pistol by C.B. Allen, Springfield, Massachusetts, with Scabbard

circa 1837

Serial no. 92; .31 caliber, rifled 4 5/8 inch round barrel (measured back to nipple), overall length 13 7/8-inches, with 9 7/8-inch single edge blade of Bowie Knife style (measured to
the rearmost section of the triggerguard shape within the blade, where it disappears into the bottom of the frame); the serial number visible on bottom of frame, near curve of front of inside of triggerguard. From top to bottom, the blade measures 1 1/2 inches, at its widest point; and is approximately 1/4 inches thick at its thickest point. The frame, at its thickest point, measures 11/16 inches thick. Each side of the blade etched with American eagle and stars, laurel wreath, clouds and floral motifs, Elgin's Patent inscription etched on right side of blade near centerpoint. Morrill Mosman/& Blair/Amherst Mass. inscription etched on left side of blade, near centerpoint. Banner motif within beak of eagle minutely etched Liberty. Brass blade front sight, with simple notched steel rear sight. Bag-shaped varnished tiger-striped maple grip. Finished in blue, with the blade in bright steel. The scabbard of leather, with German silver throat and tip.

Condition: Very good to fine; blued finish turned brown or gray on breech, with patina; blade bright with some patina, blemishes and discoloration, the etched decoration on left side sharp, with some pitting; on right, partially visible, with pitting. Grips fine with wear to varnish, 90% of which remains, with some nicks and mars.
One of the most exotic and rare of American single shot pistols, the Elgin Cutlass was built by C.B. Allen and by Merrill, Mossman & Blair, with the blades attributed to the Ames Sword Co. These arms were promoted as the "Elgin patent Bowie knives with pistol attached will shoot and cut at the same time." The types were chambered from approximately .31 to .54 calibers, the latter chambering for the large military issue model, taken on the Wilkes Expedition (1838-42) to the South Pacific, in which 150 were supplied to Navy personnel, distinguished by the presence of a knuckle bow.

Literature: Frank M. Sellers, The William M. Locke Collection (1972).

Estimate: $5,000 / 7,000 ""



Alternate Gunblade as above :) info below...
28 1/2" overall. 22 5/8" unsharpened blade. Brown wood handle with antique brass finish knuckle guard. Pistol is attached to side of aword and has an antique brass finish.

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